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Exercise 1: Listening exercise

1. Listen to the audio file and see how much you understand.

2. Check your understanding by going to the article to read the transcript.

3. Listen again a few times to build the ability to recognize the words.

UnnaGroup Education Listening exercise

Download and Listen

Read the Article


Exercise 2: Movie trailer

1. Watch the entire trailer and see how much you could understand and follow.

2. Now, try to listen to every detail in the trailer. Take your time, do it piece by piece, and write down what you think you hear.

3. Compare what you have written down with the correct text, and take note of any mistakes or new words.

4. Listen to the same section again to make sure that now you have the correct understanding.

5. After you got the whole trailer done, listen to it a few times during the week to strengthen the understanding and build the experience to understand the trailer.

Unna Movie Trailer exercise

Correct Text

Listen to me.

I'll tell you what's going to come of you.

You are going to grow up

and be a strong and smart young woman

go to school

meet a fine young man

have beautiful children of your own

and you are going to build wonderful things.

And that is what's going to happen to you.

Don't ever think that the world owes you anything.

Because it doesn't.

My name is Joy by the way.


Exercise 3: Vocabulary exercise

1. Check out the vocabulary of the week.

2. Try to remember how the meaning can be different when it pairs with different verbal phrases.

join in

To participate

Yes David, you can join in the discussion any time you like.

join up

1. To engage in, become a member of

2. To meet and unite with

1. There was a war on, so some kids were only sixteen when they joined up.

2. Let’s separate now and join up later at the restaurant.

keep on To continue doing something

If you keep on making that noise I will get annoyed.

keep up with To stay at the same level as someone or something

I read the paper every day to keep up withthe news.

kick off To begin, start

The rugby match kicked off at 3 o’clock.

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