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Exercise 1: Listening exercise

1. Listen to the audio file and see how much you understand.

2. Check your understanding by going to the article to read the transcript.

3. Listen again a few times to build the ability to recognize the words.

UnnaGroup Education Listening exercise

Download and Listen

Read the Article


Exercise 2: Movie trailer

1. Watch the entire trailer and see how much you could understand and follow.

2. Now, try to listen to every detail in the trailer. Take your time, do it piece by piece, and write down what you think you hear.

3. Compare what you have written down with the correct text, and take note of any mistakes or new words.

4. Listen to the same section again to make sure that now you have the correct understanding.

5. After you got the whole trailer done, listen to it a few times during the week to strengthen the understanding and build the experience to understand the trailer.

Unna Movie Trailer exercise

Correct Text

Have you been on your own before?

No, never.

The last relationship, lasted how many years?


Sexual preference?


Any children? No.

And the dog?

This is my brother, he was here a couple of years ago but he didn't make it.

Good morning.

44 days left.

Breakfast is served.

As you understand from your brother's experience, if you fail to fall in love

with someone during your stay here, you'll turn into an animal.

Would you like to dance?

Mind if I join you?

It's no coincidence if the targets are shaped like

single people and not couples.

Did you catch rabbits?

Catching rabbits is difficult.

Thank you very much.

We have to be totally synchronized.

Five, four, three, two…

Have you thought of what animal you'd like to be if you end-up alone?

Yes, a lobster.

A lobster is an excellent choice.

I can't got much faster.

These trousers are too tight. I'm sorry.


Exercise 3: Vocabulary exercise

1. Check out the vocabulary of the week.

2. Try to remember how the meaning can be different when it pairs with different verbal phrases.

rely on

To count on, depend on, trust

You can rely on me. I always arrive on time.

rule out

To eliminate

Since he had a sound alibi, the police ruled him out as a suspect.

run away

To escape from a place or suddenly leave

He ran away from home and joined the circus.

run into

To meet by accident or unexpectedly (also: bump into)

I’m so glad I ran into you. I need to ask you something.

run out of

To have no more of something.

We’ve run out of milk. I’ll just pop next door to borrow some.

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