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Exercise 1: Listening exercise

1. Listen to the audio file and see how much you understand.

2. Check your understanding by going to the article to read the transcript.

3. Listen again a few times to build the ability to recognize the words.

UnnaGroup Education Listening exercise

Download and Listen

Read the Article


Exercise 2: Movie trailer

1. Watch the entire trailer and see how much you could understand and follow.

2. Now, try to listen to every detail in the trailer. Take your time, do it piece by piece, and write down what you think you hear.

3. Compare what you have written down with the correct text, and take note of any mistakes or new words.

4. Listen to the same section again to make sure that now you have the correct understanding.

5. After you got the whole trailer done, listen to it a few times during the week to strengthen the understanding and build the experience to understand the trailer.

Unna Movie Trailer exercise

Correct Text

You my friends are following in the very footsteps of history,

something beyond the power of words to describe.

Human beings simply aren't built to function

at the cruising altitude of a 747.

Our bodies will be literally dying.

Everest is another beast altogether.

– How are you doing? I'm Beck. – Doug Hansen.

– What do you do when you're not climbing, Doug? – I deliver the mail.

The first mailman in Everest?

– I hope so. – I like that.

– Sit down, man. – Climatize.

– How's weather? I wish I was with you. – It's good.

One day you, me and our little Sarah, we will go climbing together.

So today is the day, huh?

Help, hey, help!

It hurts.

It's dangerous.


I have kids. If they see that a regular guy

can follow impossible dreams, maybe they'll do the same.

We are on top of Everest, Helen! We made it!

Guy to Rob. There's a massive storm headed your way.

Oh, no.

Come on! Get up!

That's the wrong way!

Doug, let's go! Hurry up!

Rob, can you hear me?

You've got to get moving. You've got to come on down.

There's no oxygen!

You go, I'm done.

No, I am not leaving you behind. Come on!

– It's going to take all we got. – We're all getting down together, let's go!

If anyone can make it, you can.


Exercise 3: Idioms

1. Check out the idioms of the week.

2. Try to remember them and use them when you need to say something like that.

Barking Up The Wrong Tree: 

A mistake made in something you are trying to achieve.


Beat A Dead Horse: 

To force an issue that has already ended.


Beating Around The Bush: 

Avoiding the main topic. Not speaking directly about the issue.


Bend Over Backwards:

Do whatever it takes to help. Willing to do anything.


Between A Rock And A Hard Place: 

Stuck between two very bad options.


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