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Exercise 1: Listening exercise

1. Listen to the audio file and see how much you understand.

2. Check your understanding by going to the article to read the transcript.

3. Listen again a few times to build the ability to recognize the words.

UnnaGroup Education Listening exercise

Download and Listen

Read the Article


Exercise 2: Movie trailer

1. Watch the entire trailer and see how much you could understand and follow.

2. Now, try to listen to every detail in the trailer. Take your time, do it piece by piece, and write down what you think you hear.

3. Compare what you have written down with the correct text, and take note of any mistakes or new words.

4. Listen to the same section again to make sure that now you have the correct understanding.

5. After you got the whole trailer done, listen to it a few times during the week to strengthen the understanding and build the experience to understand the trailer.

Unna Movie Trailer exercise

Correct Text


Do you remember me?

Your mom's name was Sarah.

You used to wear newspapers in your shoes.

You're a wanted man.

I don't do that anymore.

Well, the people who think you did are coming right now.

And they're not planning on taking you alive.


While a great many people see you as a hero,

there are some

who'd prefer the word vigilante.

You've operated with unlimited power and no supervision.

That's something the world can no longer tolerate.

I know how much Bucky means to you.

Stay out of this one. Please.

You'll only make this worse.

You saying you'll arrest me?

There will be consequences.

– Captain. You seem a little defensive. – Well, it's been a long day.

If we can't accept limitations,

– we're no better than the bad guys. – That's not the way I see it.

Sometimes I want to punch you in your perfect teeth.

I just want to be sure we consider all our options.

Because people that shoot at you usually wind up shooting at me, too.

You know what's about to happen.

Do you really want to punch your way out of this?

– What do we do? – We fight.

I'm sorry, Tony.

You know I wouldn't do this if I had any other choice.

But he's my friend.

So was I.


Exercise 3: Idioms

1. Check out the idioms of the week.

2. Try to remember them and use them when you need to say something like that.

Cross your fingers:

To hope that something happens the way you want it to.


Cry over spilt milk: 
, 後悔也沒用

When you complain about a loss from the past.


Cry wolf: 
狼來了的意思,比喻說謊, 假的

Intentionally raise a false alarm.


Cup of Joe :

A cup of coffee.


Curiosity killed the cat: 

Being Inquisitive can lead you into a dangerous situation.


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