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Exercise 1: Listening exercise

1. Listen to the audio file and see how much you understand.

2. Check your understanding by going to the article to read the transcript.

3. Listen again a few times to build the ability to recognize the words.

UnnaGroup Education Listening exercise

Download and Listen

Read the Article


Exercise 2: Movie trailer

1. Watch the entire trailer and see how much you could understand and follow.

2. Now, try to listen to every detail in the trailer. Take your time, do it piece by piece, and write down what you think you hear.

3. Compare what you have written down with the correct text, and take note of any mistakes or new words.

4. Listen to the same section again to make sure that now you have the correct understanding.

5. After you got the whole trailer done, listen to it a few times during the week to strengthen the understanding and build the experience to understand the trailer.

Unna Movie Trailer exercise

Correct Text

Come and spend your autumn years in an Indian palace.
This is the day.
It’s a luxury development where all the residents are in their golden years.
Like the coast of Florida?
Yea,  but with more elephants.
Flight 247 to Delhi is boarding now.
Would you like some of this? I believe it is called …
Nah, if I can't pronounce it, I don't want to eat it.
Is this your first time in India?
Yes. Do you think we will be alright?
 It is going to be extraordinary.
Welcome to the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.
Prepare to be amazed.
There's an Indian man there.
I want to stay in the other hotel. The one that's in the brochure.
In India we have a saying. Everything will be alright in the end. So if it's not alright then it's not yet the end.
This is a new and different world.
The challenge is to cope with it.
And not just cope, but thrive.
I got a job -  my first ever. 
 I'm about to make the first public speech of my life.
Imagine them naked.
 I'm afraid I gave that up several years ago.
They you are. Good as new.
 Really? No of course not.
Would you like me to not fix that chair?
How can you bear this country?
What do you see that I don't?
Well the light,  the colors,  smiles. It teaches me something.
She wants to thank you for your kindness.
But I haven't been kind.
You are the only one that acknowledges her.
I'm not eating that.
We have a dream to create a home for the elderly so wonderful that they simply refuse to die.
This man is dead. Let’s preserve his dignity. 
Did I nod off?
India, like life itself I suppose , is about what you bring to it .
 I am really loving this!
 Are you alright?
 I just want a glass of water.
 That was a gin and tonic.
 I knew that now.

You are not worried about the dangers of having sex at your age? If she dies she dies.


Exercise 3: Vocabulary exercise

1. Check out the vocabulary of the week.

2. Try to remember how the meaning can be different when it pairs with different verbal phrases.

ease off

To reduce, become less severe or slow down (pain, traffic, work)

Traffic usually eases off about 7pm.

end in

To finish in a certain way; result in

Her marriage ended in divorce.

end up

To finally reach a state, place or action

If you don’t improve your work habits, you’ll end up being fired.

fall through

To fail; doesn’t happen

His plans to trek through South America fell through when he got sick.

figure out

To understand, find the answer

He’s trying to figure out how to earn enough money to go on the trip to Spain.

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